Analysis Bulletins and Compliance Certification.


Analysis Bulletins and compliance certification (AB/CC) can be created and customised without requiring any specific developments, using tools that you already know and master, such as Excel and Word. You can also copy the templates for the analysis bulletins and compliance certification that you have already generation in Excel or Word. This procedure allows you to save time switching between these programs and the AQ Manager LIMS app.

What is more, you can have the formatting of these documents evolve autonomously over time.

Thanks to the workflow validation integrated into the AQ Manager LIMS app and the electronic signature circuit, the signature of those approving the documents can be automatically integrated into the analysis bulletins and compliance certification sent to the applicants or clients.

These Word document templates serve as a model and the analysis bulletin and compliance certification shall be automatically generated by the AQ Manager LIMS app in PDF format (protected content) and, possibly, in Word format.


During final approval of the results, the analysis bulletin or compliance certification can be automatically sent to the applicants or clients by email in PDF format, as requested, and in the specific formats they request.

  • Using Excel, you can fully customise your document, choose merge fields, add results, measurements and other values from your AQ Manager LIMS app. You can also choose fields or values, monitor the results and create charts, etc.
  • You can also customise your document using Word and add specific, detailed explanations to your results on each of your analyses. You can use all the images and graphics that you want to (e.g. photos of a LIFO, curves, etc.)
    You can also perform analysis monitoring over time (on D0, D+30 or on the expiration date, etc.) and produce graphics for use in the analysis bulletins.