The success of your project is our priority!

Through our project approach, refined over many years, our teams of consultants and trainers advise you during the study and analysis of your needs, specific adaptations, help with configuration and training of your users. For many years, this approach has been the key to the success of many of our customers’ CMMS and LIMS implementation projects.

Our project approach: The key to your success!

The analysis

Our project managers will work with you to study all your needs and draw up a personalised analysis file to give you a clear view of your processes.

This analysis details the general organisation of your department, analyses your processes, determines the interfaces to be parameterised, specifies the prototypes to be produced and builds the deployment schedule for your project.

The advice

This is an essential step in the implementation of our AQ Manager Full Web software. Our consultants will advise you on the various stages of coding records, setting up your processes, building your workflows, collecting and converting your data, defining your interfaces and user profiles.

On-site training

One of our trainer-consultants is specifically assigned to your project and comes to your premises to train you on our CMMS and LIMS solutions. He transfers the knowledge to the administrators and end users. These trainings provide you with a complete and functional mastery of our AQ Manager application.

Web training

In order to offer you a flexible service and to avoid mobilising your teams and resources over long periods of time, we have developed a web training programme. The main advantage of this is that it can be easily integrated into your schedule.
In addition, our web-based training courses allow you to reduce your expenses and your impact on the environment, by saving on travel.

Listening, trust and team spirit are the most important values in our family business.

These are also based on important values such as Customer satisfaction, Integrity, Innovation.


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