Maintenance Management and Laboratory Management solutions tailored to your business sector


AQ Manager CMMS Full Web is the 100% Web version of our maintenance management software.

  • Increase the availability of your assets

  • Reduce your maintenance costs

  • Optimise your organisation

Interface du logiciel AQ Manager LIMS


AQ Manager LIMS Full Web is the 100% Web version of our laboratory management software.

  • Be in command of your control processes

  • Guarantee your traceability

  • Optimise your organisation

AQ Manager Maintenance Management and Laboratory software powerful, intuitive applications !

Our AQ Manager software is totally geared to the needs and traceability of your maintenance services, your analysis laboratories and quality control.
Where do our strengths lie? In placing the needs of our clients at the heart of the way we develop our products. Ask us for a free trial and test the combined power and simplicity of our applications for yourself.

The main functionalities of our CMMS solution

Constant control over your assets
Optimisation of your work programmes
Control over your maintenance plans
Optimisation of your stocks and purchases
Accurate monitoring of your indicators and statistics
Control of your spending in relation to your budgets

The main functionalities of our LIMS solution

AQ Manager LIMS solution de gestion de laboratoire

AQ Manager Mobile for CMMS and LIMS

Extend the AQ Manager experience to your smartphones and tablets.

  • Give your teams greater mobility

  • Enter your data in connected or disconnected mode

  • Scannez facilement les codes-barres et les codes QR

  • Combine photos and documents in the field

AQ Manager App Mobile
Find out more about our CMMS mobileFind out more about our LIMS mobile

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The advantages of the AQ Manager

Fast and Easy

AQ Manager Full Web LIMS uses next-generation .Net technology. This allows us to offer you a management solution that perfectly meets the technical requirements of IT administrators. What is more, its deployment on your Windows server or on ours is quick and easy – all you need is a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, etc.).

Compatible with your Environment

Compatible with your environment and your tools. The technology behind our LIMS app can be used on any type of device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone).

Rich and Intuitive

Our LIMS app integrates all the functions needed for full management of an analysis and quality control lab. Its many proprietary functions make it stand out on the LIMS app market. Comprehensive but not complex, its user-friendliness, the fruit of constant exchange with our clients, remains at the heart of our concerns.

Fully customisable

Thanks to its graphic user interface, our application is simple and easy to navigate and fully customisable. It is possible to navigate via summary pages that directly show your alarms, indicators and numerous widgets, etc. Our pages are optimised to show clear information and require only minimal data entry.

The solution can be interfaced with your devices and other applications

It is very easy to implement our LIMS app with your lab devices, ERP solution, your CAPE, your accounting software and your management software, etc. These gateways can be created via web services or settings in our import-export engine. They can also be automated and are omnidirectional.

Importing your Data

Our LIMS app comprises a powerful import engine to enable quick set-up. Importing your MS Excel, text and database is child’s play.

Customer reviews

Our references

More than 1000 satisfied clients include:

About us

AQ Manager is a family company that has been operating in the CMMS and LIMS market for more than 25 years. This stability gives us great consistency and continuity in the way we develop our business and our software. Our teams of engineers possess a huge amount of field experience, as well as outstanding expertise in dealing with issues in the world of business. It is these features that make us strong, because they enable us to provide software that is increasingly easy to use and programs that are geared to the needs of our thousands of users.

25 years of experience
25 years of experience

Sustained, ongoing development of our solutions

A presence in 35 countries
A presence in 35 countries

Across Europe and further afield internationally

Over 1000 sites
Over 1000 sites

More than 1000 sites are equipped with our solutions around the world

98.99% loyal clients
98.99% loyal clients

Adopting AQ Manager means opting for a long-term partnership

European presence

International coverage


Our values

The AQ Manager experience also includes a range of top-quality services tailored to meet your requirements.

Detailed analysis

Our project managers will work with you to examine all of your needs in detail and draw up an analysis report. This report will examine the overall organisation of your service, analyse your processes, identify the interfaces and adjustments for which settings are required, discuss the prototypes to be produced, look at the schedule for rolling out any changes, etc.

Valuable advice

As an essential step in implementing AQ Manager Full Web, our consultants will advise and guide you through the various stages of coding your findings, building tree structures, defining workflows, collecting and converting data, defining user profiles and so on.

Customised training

A trainer/consultant will be allocated specifically to your project to handle the transfer of knowledge to the administrators and end-users. These training courses will provide them with everything they need to know about how our application functions.

Scalable solutions

Your business needs are constantly changing. Our AQ Manager solutions are designed and developed to be able to evolve with you. Our teams are there to listen to you and will take our products to the next level so that they are always geared to your specific needs.

Flawless support

Our support service applies the same quality requirements. You’ll find it totally responsive and ready to take your individual situation into account so that you can always rely on being given the right answer.

CMMS & LIMS software solutions geared to your business

CMMS applications that can be used in more than 8 different sectors

Our CMMS solution features, as standard, all of the functionalities essential to your maintenance service: control of your assets, management of work carried out on site, management of your stocks of spare parts and purchases, management of your budget and expenditure, etc. – and many more functionalities besides!


Our expertise and the versatility of our applications are our major strengths and we are able to offer you solutions that not only take account of your needs, but also of the constraints specific to your sector. Currently, our CMMS application is geared to suit the needs of 8 sectors of business, including the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries, etc.

Powerful, mobile maintenance

Our AQ Manager Mobile application rounds out our range of software. This CMMS Mobile application is designed natively for your smartphones and tablets. It enables your engineers to view their work schedules in real-time, as well as to enter their work reports, consult the technical sheets for equipment, manage stocks, etc. – both in connected and disconnected mode. In disconnected mode, the data is stored locally and will then be synchronised automatically as soon as a network connection becomes available. Its interface is a model of simplicity and ergonomics, totally geared for today’s smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

LIMS software for the optimum management of your laboratory processes

Our credo: to put our teams in direct contact with our clients. Our aim: to provide you with LIMS applications that are ergonomic and always geared to the world of business. Whether you are a service-providing laboratory or an internal lab within a company (food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.), our LIMS solution will systematically take your situation into account and adjust to it. Our LIMS also features additional modules that enable you to add functionalities that may have been missing until then: barcode and PDA interface, report-generator, metrology module, customer and CRM module – and many more. Find out about them all in our downloadable brochure.

Test our CMMS / LIMS software solutions free of charge for 15 days

Why wait? Find out for yourself. Try our CMMS / LIMS software solutions free of charge for 15 days. During those 15 days, you will be able to access all of the functionalities of our CMMS application or LIMS software. This is an obligation-free offer. There is no software to download or install. And there’s nothing to pay (no credit card required). Find out for yourself why over 1000 clients in 35 countries have been placing their trust in us for over 25 years.

Join our circle of clients. All high-performance businesses!

Test AQ Manager free of charge for 15 days.

Registration is simple, quick and obligation-free.