A family business, stable and innovative for over 25 years, which offers its range of CMMS and LIMS software.

AQ Manager is a suite of software for maintenance management (CMMS)
and laboratory management software (LIMS).

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The main values of QA manager can be
be summarized in these 6 points

A precise understanding of your needs

Detailed analysis by our teams

Valuable advice

Customised training

Scalable solutions

Flawless support

Listening • Trust • Team spirit

Listening, trust and team spirit are the most important values in our family business.

These are also based on important values such as Customer satisfaction, Integrity, Innovation


Let’s discuss your project together

Our teams will be happy to discuss your project in order to present QA Manager’s solutions and show you that our tools meet your needs!

Over 1400 sites installed in no less than 35 countries