A powerful and easy-to-use CMMS for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

AQ Manager CMMS Full Web covers 100% of the needs of companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Its ergonomics are designed to make it simple to use and easy to learn.

A CMMS adapted to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

AQ Manager CMMS Full Web offers you many features, including the following:

What are the benefits of our CMMS for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry?

Thanks to :

  • A very broad functional scope to meet all your needs
  • Simplified ergonomics that have been developed over many years
  • A tool that is easy to implement and can be upgraded over time

Over the years and through hundreds of support projects managed in the field, our attentiveness to our clients and their suggestions have enabled us to enrich our application with a large number of functionalities, making AQ Manager a complete tool that can meet all your needs.

AQ Manager is delivered to you already pre-configured and ready to use thanks to the numerous user profiles developed by our teams, making its deployment simple.
However, you can also fully customise our application by setting up your own menus, screens, dashboards, email templates, workflows, etc.

AQ Manager accompanies you everywhere, both in the office and in the field, thanks to a mobile application that can be used on everyone’s smartphones and tablets and a barcode or QR code scanning tool that allows you to manage your equipment fleet and spare parts.

AQ Manager is an application that allows an easy dialogue with your existing applications (ERP, accounting, etc.).

These gateways can be realised through web services or through the configuration of our import-export engine. They can also be automated and bidirectional.

AQ Manager includes an import engine as standard, allowing easy retrieval of your current data in various formats. The power of our tool, together with the extensive expertise of our project teams, offers you the assurance of a rapid and successful integration.


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Application GMAO Mobile AQ Manager

Offer mobility to your technicians in your industrial activity, thanks to our mobile application!

AQ Manager accompanies you everywhere, both in the office and in the field! Our mobile application offers you many advantages such as :

  • Our ergonomic and dynamic planning
  • Simplify your technicians’ timekeeping
  • Facilitate the preventive monitoring of your teams
  • Easily retrieve requests for assistance entered in the field
  • Consult and enter your data intuitively thanks to label scanning
  • Easy access to your equipment records and data on site
  • Search and manage your items and stock movements intuitively
  • Communicate easily and notify your teams
CMMS Mobile

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