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Investing in lab management software (LIMS) is a big decision, as is the choice of the company that you will trust. At AQ Manager, the success of your project is our priority. Through our project process, our teams of consultants and coaches will advise you throughout the phases during which your needs are studied and analysed, the management solution is adapted, you are assisted with configuration, and your lab technicians and other users are trained. This process has always been the key to success when implementing our LIMS app for our clients.

The analysis

A project manager accompanies you to study the details of all your needs and draft an analysis file. This gives the details of the general organisation of your department and analyses your processes. It also defines the interfaces to be created, the adaptations to be configured, the prototypes to be produced and the deployment schedule, etc. Such a design report is a precious decision-making tool. It gives you a clear vision of your analysis and quality-control procedures, allowing you to manage all your software needs.


A crucial step for installing the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app, our consultants advise you during the different coding steps, i.e. coding the records, building the tree structures, defining workflows, collecting and keeping data and defining user profiles, etc. Specialised in industry and company management of all kinds, they provide you with custom recommendations suited to your business sector.

Web Training

We have set up a webinar to offer you a reactive service and avoid mobilising your teams and your resources for long periods of time. It has the main advantages of being both easy to integrate into your schedule and recordable. The webinar eliminates the need to travel and thus reduces your expenditure and your environmental impact.


An LIMS app instructor/consultant is specifically assigned to your project. This person will teach the administrators and the final users what they need to know. This training will allow them to fully master our LIMS app and its many functions.

Importing your data

Our lab management software (LIMS) comprises a powerful import engine. This means you can quickly set up your project by importing all your data from your databases or in MS Excel and text file formats. Although this transfer is an undeniable advantage for your lab, it isn’t always easy for the uninitiated to set it up. We therefore offer to take this import operation in hand for you and provide you with our AQ Manager LIMS app already populated with all your data.

Interfacing with other Applications

To simplify the implementation of our LIMS app management tool within your analysis and quality control lab, our teams suggest that they interface our LIMS app with your lab devices and your ERP system, CAPE, accounting management and management software for you… These gateways can be created using web services or by configuring our import-export engine. They can also be automated and used in both directions.

Specific Developments

Do you need some specific functions in order to obtain a tool that is fully tailored to your project and your profession (pages, reports, functions such as the automation of administrative jobs, sales management, customer relations management, simplified invoicing, etc.)? Our LIMS app software solution is scalable and can be supplemented with various management modules. Our different teams are here to help you determine which ones you should integrate into your AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app. Their task? To accurately understand your needs in order to provide you with the best response.

Customer Support

Reactivity is foremost in our concerns. Should you have any problems or questions, our support team will evaluate your situation and the deployment of our management solutions within your company in order to provide you with an adequate response to each of your requests.

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