Laboratory management software (LIMS) 100% geared to your business

AQ Manager LIMS Full Web is the latest 100% Web version of our laboratory management software. The new version has taken a decisive lead over the market thanks to its web 2.0 technology, as well as its ergonomics, which make it a simple and very intuitive application. In addition, an initial version of AQ Manager LIMS Full Web is available, starting at €4,600.


High-performance and easy to use

Our comprehensive LIMS incorporates as standard all of the functionalities you need for your analysis and quality control laboratory. Our strengths are our expertise and the flexibility of our applications. We are also able to offer you solutions that suit many of your other needs. Available in two versions: single-site and multi-site, AQ Manager LIMS Full Web features a multi-language interface (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Russian).

Our application will meet all of your requirements and will adjust to all your projects.

Main functionalities:

  • Full traceability of your products and analyses
  • Identification of your samples and planning
  • Compliance with BPL and international standards (e.g. FSIS, COFRAC)
  • Simplified entry of your results
  • Automatic product of analysis bulletins and certificates of conformity
  • Total management of your clients (CRM, Estimates, Invoices, etc.)
  • Automation of your quality controls
  • Easy stock management and automation of your purchases
  • Administrative tasks simplified, so fewer human errors

Why opt for our LIMS software?

Simple and fast

AQ Manager LIMS Full Web uses latest-generation technology: .Net. This enables us to provide a solution that meets all of the technical requirements of IT administrators. Deploying it on your Windows servers or ours is simple and fastall you need is a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

Compatible with your environment

Through its web technology, our application can be used on all types of terminals (PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones). It is also compatible with numerous databases, such as MySQL or MS SQL Server.

Rich and intuitive

Our LIMS incorporates all of the functionalities needed for the total management of an analysis and quality control laboratory. The LIMS’s exclusive functions make it stand out on the LIMS market. Comprehensive, but not complex, its ergonomics are the result of constant exchanges with our clients and remain at the heart of our concerns.

Fully personalisable

With its graphics interface, navigating our application is intuitive, simple and totally personalisable. You can navigate through summary screens directly displaying your alerts, indicators and numerous widgets, etc. Our screens have been optimised to display information clearly and require just a minimum amount of data-entry.

Importing your data

To ensure a fast start-up, our application features a powerful import engine. Importing your data into MS Excel, text and database formats is child’s play.

Can be interfaced with your equipment and other applications

Our LIMS interfaces easily with your laboratory equipment and your ERPGPAOaccounting packagessupervision software, etc. These gateways can be achieved through web services or by setting our import-export engine. The interfaces can also be automated and made bidirectional.

They already trust us

The benefits for your business

Our additional modules


AQ Manager Mobile

Designed as standard for your smartphones or tablets, this application makes it possible for technicians to view their work schedules, enter their reports, consult stocks, etc. in connected or disconnected mode.


Barcode interface and PDA

This interface makes your data-entry simpler and more reliable in the AQ Manager LIMS Full Web application through the production of barcode labels and the use of a portable barcode-reader


Generate reports

This module gives you the freedom to modify existing reports as well as to easily create an unlimited number of new reports in the AQ Manager LIMS Full Web application.


Metrology module

This module enables you to identify and manage the equipment you use to carry out analyses and controls. It allows you to schedule your calibration work and any maintenance to be carried out, as well as the identification of the control bodies and the scheduling of shipments. It also includes the management of calibration reports and the generation of service histories.


Clients and CRM Module

This module gives you total management over your client relationship, from the time the estimate is created, through to invoicing for the equipment and services. It also incorporates management of commercial relations (management of new business prospects, correspondence, e-mails, commercial opportunities, etc.).


Traceability Module (Audit trail – 21 CFR Part 11)

The Audit trail module provides total traceability and monitoring of all activities relating to data as soon as it is registered in the AQ Manager LIMS Full Web application.


Dashboard Module

The Audit trail module provides total traceability and monitoring of all activities relating to data as soon as it is registered in the AQ Manager LIMS Full Web application.