Analysis bulletins, certificates of conformity and test reports

Automate the generation of your analysis reports and save time with our LIMS!

Your analysis bulletins, certificates of conformity and test reports can be easily customised without development in our AQ Manager LIMS application.

These reports can be produced using our tools to easily build new document templates in AQ Manager.

These can be customised through applications that are known and mastered by all, namely Microsoft’s Word and Excel.

This will save you time in transferring your current templates for analysis bulletins and certificates of conformity to our LIMS by simply copying and pasting them. In addition, you will be able to change the layout of these, independently over time.

Thanks to the validation workflow integrated in our software, and to the electronic signature circuits, the approvers’ signatures can be automatically incorporated into your reports sent to your clients and applicants.

These reports can be automatically printed or emailed in PDF format to ensure that the content is protected.

These same reports can be made available through the customer / applicant portal natively present in our AQ Manager LIMS solution.

Our software allows you to attach documents to samples and test results. The flexibility of our tool allows you to integrate them directly into your analysis bulletins, certificates of compliance and test reports.

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