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A Lab Information Management System (LIMS) fully tailored to your sector!

The AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app is the latest 100% web-based version of our online lab management system. It has taken the market by storm, thanks to its web 2.0 technology and its user-friendliness, which make it a simple and very intuitive management application. What is more, the first version of the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app is available starting at €4,600.

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Productive and easy to use.

You can benefit from simplified time management and gain in productivity thanks to our user-friendly LIMS app. Our very comprehensive solution comprises all the functions required to satisfy your quality control and analytical lab management needs. Our expertise and the flexibility of our applications are our strong points and we are able to offer you custom solutions for your laboratory needs.

Available in two versions: single-site and multi-site, AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app has a multilingual interface (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Russian). Whatever your sector (analysis lab for medical, chemical or biological analyses, etc.), our application meets all your expectations and easily adapts to your different projects.

Your lab in 4.0!

The AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app is a simple lab management solution that has all the functions you need for increased productivity and optimal quality control.

Optimise lab organisation

Thanks to our tools for prioritising tasks, ordering activities and scheduling analyses and controls, the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app optimises your organisation. You gain in agility and reactivity.


Standardise Your Testing Procedures and Tools

Thanks to standardised methods that can be inherited by the different testing plans, the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app enables process streamlining and enhanced reliability when updating your standards and specifications.

Optimise the Tracking of your Products

The AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app offers full tracking of products, samples, analyses and results you enter, up to the publication of analysis bulletins and compliance certification.

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Reduce your stock costs

Thanks to its powerful stock management tools, the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app reduces your costs by better targeting the parts you need to stock and optimising their storage locations.

Reduce your supply costs

The AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app allows you to replenish your stock at the right time, via automatic order generation. You are sent alerts when your stock reaches the minimum threshold defined, allowing you to thus avoid stockouts and to optimise costs.


Improve your data sharing

Thanks to its web technology and its automatic email exchange, the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app optimises your data sharing and improves intra-departmental communication. This allows for more collaborative work.


Join the circle of productive agri-food labs.

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Main Features.

Overview of the LIMS functions most appreciated by the agri-food lab managers

Product Tracking

Full tracking of your products and your analyses

Sample Management

Identification of your samples and scheduling


Quality control automation in laboratories.

GLP Compliance

GLP compliance, plus compliance with international standards and other regulations (e.g. FSIS, COFRAC)

Simplified Data Entry

Simplified data entry for your results

Stock Management

Assisted stock management and automated purchasing

Administrative Tasks

Streamline administrative processes and reduce operator errors


Automatic generation of analysis bulletins and compliance certification

Add-On Modules.

A 3-step process.

Elaboration en équipe d'un logiciel de gestion de laboratoire


Accurate study of all your needs and a personalised analysis file giving you a clear picture of your processes.



We walk you through importing your lab data and interfacing our LIMS app with your other applications.

Développement d'un logiciel Web de gestion de laboratoire


Make the most of the support of a coach or follow our training webinar, in order to master your new tool.

The advantages of the AQ Manager LIMS?

Our very comprehensive LIMS comprises all the functions that your analysis and quality control lab needs as standard. Our expertise and the flexibility of our LIMS apps are our strong points and we are able to offer you custom solutions for all your laboratory needs.

Fast and Easy

AQ Manager Full Web LIMS uses next-generation .Net technology. This allows us to offer you a management solution that perfectly meets the technical requirements of IT administrators. What is more, its deployment on your Windows server or on ours is quick and easy – all you need is a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, etc.).

Compatible with your Environment

Compatible with your environment and your tools. The technology behind our LIMS app can be used on any type of device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone).

Rich and Intuitive

Our LIMS app integrates all the functions needed for full management of an analysis and quality control lab. Its many proprietary functions make it stand out on the LIMS app market. Comprehensive but not complex, its user-friendliness, the fruit of constant exchange with our clients, remains at the heart of our concerns.

Fully customisable

Thanks to its graphic user interface, our application is simple and easy to navigate and fully customisable. It is possible to navigate via summary pages that directly show your alarms, indicators and numerous widgets, etc. Our pages are optimised to show clear information and require only minimal data entry.

The solution can be interfaced with your devices and other applications

It is very easy to implement our LIMS app with your lab devices, ERP solution, your CAPE, your accounting software and your management software, etc. These gateways can be created via web services or settings in our import-export engine. They can also be automated and are omnidirectional.

Importing your Data

Our LIMS app comprises a powerful import engine to enable quick set-up. Importing your MS Excel, text and database is child’s play.



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A LIMS app tailored to each sector.

Sector-Specific Functions

Logiciel de gestion de laboratoire pour l'industrie


Logiciel de gestion de laboratoire pour le secteur agroalimentaire


Analyses dans un laboratoire avec un logiciel de gestion


Logiciel de gestion de laboratoire pour le secteur pharmaceutique


Logiciel de gestion de laboratoire pour le secteur cosmétique


Logiciel de gestion de laboratoire pour l'environnement



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