Internal and external test requests

A complete management and monitoring tool for analyses and tests in your laboratory!

Test requests are a central part of our QA Manager application. It allows you to identify your samples to be analysed in your laboratory, track their progress, enter results and generate your analysis bulletins and certificates of compliance.

They can be generated automatically by our AQ Manager LIMS Full Web solution or on demand by other internal departments or external customers.

Yes, test requests can be generated both automatically and on demand:

  • Automatically, either on the basis of an interface with other software such as an ERP, or on the basis of customisable frequencies generating a schedule of samples and analyses in our software.
  • On request, either by other departments or external clients through a simplified web portal allowing them to identify the products to be analysed and to select the analyses to be carried out.
  • The list of products to be analysed
  • Sample information (quantity, identifiers, batch number, etc.)
  • Sampling data
  • The analyses and controls to be carried out (automatic thanks to the control plans and on request)
  • The objectives of the requested tests
  • The desired timeframe for the completion and delivery of the results
  • The association of attachments (Excel files, pdf documents, photos, etc.)

Monitoring is done through customisable workflows that allow the definition of the necessary validation steps and inform applicants and customers of the status of the tests.

Test request management also allows automated alerts to be sent to the laboratory teams as well as to requesters and clients. These alerts can be generated through emails and customisable dashboards. These can inform of progress, request validations, alert of delays, and send analysis bulletins and certificates of compliance upon final approval.

In addition, our Audit Trail module gives you access to full traceability of all data activities as soon as they are recorded in our AQ Manager LIMS application.

Our AQ Manager Dashboard module offers you the possibility to statistically exploit the results data through the creation of dynamic dashboards. But also, to consult the history of tests, results and analyses carried out in the AQ Manager LIMS application.

Through our dynamic dashboards, you can observe and follow trends, trace analyses and results over time, and monitor any deviations that may have occurred.

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