Spare parts stocks

Optimise your stocks and their follow-up with our CMMS

AQ Manager provides a complete and detailed identification of your spare parts inventory.

For each of them, detailed characteristics can be defined, and documents, plans and photos can be associated with them using our document management tool.

Depending on your needs, your stocks can be managed globally, but also with serial numbers, batch numbers and expiry dates.

For each item, you will be able to identify different storage locations as well as precise locations. As AQ Manager is a multi-site application, you will also be able to consult the stocks of other entities in your group in order to check their availability and to request a transfer of the spare parts you need.

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Les fonctionnalités AQ Manager GMAO

Stock placement, stock removal, transfer between shops, and inventory movements can be managed directly in the AQ Manager application.
These can also be done through the mobile application by simply scanning barcode labels and QR codes that can be edited directly from the AQ Manager Full Web application.

A date-valued stock report can be output in the AQ Manager application to show the value of the stock at a given date with subtotals per warehouse and spare part family.

Minimum thresholds and replenishment thresholds can be defined for each article. These allow you to be alerted to the need for replenishment and to generate automatic order proposals to suppliers.

These can take into account the purchasing conditions (supplier references, lead times, tariffs, delivery costs, etc.) that can be defined for each supplier in each article.

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