Our priority is the success of your project !

Our project process : The key to your success !

Our priority is to see your project succeed. Working through our project process, our teams of consultants and trainers will advise and guide you during the study and analysis phase in relation to your needs, as well as make specific adaptations, assist with settings and train users. This process has always been the key to the success of installing our CMMS and LIMS systems with our clients.


Our project managers will guide you in studying your exact needs and in drafting an overall analysis dossier. This dossier will detail the way your department is organised, analyse your processes, define the interfaces, the adaptations to be set, the prototypes to be produced, the rollout schedule, etc.


As an essential step in the implementation of AQ Manager Full Web, our consultants will advise you during the various stages of coding your entries, constructing tree diagrams, defining workflows, collecting and converting data, defining user profiles and so on.


A CMMS or LIMS trainer/consultant will be specifically allocated to your project. This person will handle the transfer of knowledge to the administrators and end-users. This training will provide them with a full set of operating skills for our application.

Web training

To provide you with a responsive service and avoid having to mobilise your teams and tie up your resources over long periods, we have developed a programme of web training courses. The advantage of this programme is that it can be easily incorporated into your schedule and it can also be recorded. Web training eliminates the need to travel and so reduces your expenditure and your impact on the environment.

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