The AQ Manager team: working on your behalf for over 25 years !


A high-performance family company

We have been operating on the CMMS and LIMS market for more than 25 years, with over 1000 sites installed in 35 countries.

Our teams of engineers have extensive knowledge of this field, as well as outstanding expertise in the issues facing the business world. It is this direct experience of what our clients are looking for that enables us to offer software that is increasingly easy to use and particularly well suited to the needs of our thousands of users.

We are a family company that has had the same shareholders for over 25 years. This stability gives us great consistency and continuity in the development of our business and the products we provide.

We have experienced profitability and positive growth in our business for many years. This gives us the required resources to keep investing in the development of innovative software solutions such as our AQ Manager CMMS Full Web, AQ Manager LIMS Full Web, AQ Manager CMMS Mobile and AQ Manager LIMS Mobile applications.

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You are at the heart of our developments

Our credo : to place our teams in direct contact with our clients. Our aim: to provide you with ergonomic applications that are always geared to your needs.

We continue to develop our software based on the constant flow of exchanges during the analysis, consultation, training and guidance phases. With this in mind and to strengthen this bond, our web portal enables our clients to suggest new developments and to be kept notified of the changes and progress being made on our solutions.


A company full of growth !


Our company has continued to develop and grow since it was first established. Average annual growth over the past 5 years has been 20%. This growth and profitability enable us to keep on investing in the development of innovative solutions, such as our AQ Manager Full Web and Mobile applications. We will continue to focus on developing innovative functionalities in the years ahead, as well as optimising the ergonomics of our applications. At the same time, we will forge ahead with developing our international distribution network.

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