Calculation Formulas for Analysis Results.

Les formules de calcul des résultats d’analyses

Calculation formulas may be entered into our apps when the results need to be calculated from different measurements.

A formula may call on and integrate another calculation formula in order to obtain a final result.

The AQ Manager LIMS app has a powerful formula management engine for calculating results. This allows calculation formulas that are already used, in your Excel file, for example, to be generated and transposed. Our apps do not have any restrictions on the level of complexity of these formulas.

These calculation formulas also allow the tracking results to be integrated.

For example:

  • Fetch analysis results for a raw material used in the product that we are analysing.
  • Include the average of other analyses carried out for identical samples over the last X months or manufacturing days in a formula.
  • Fetch control values that are integrated into the formula for calculating the final result.

The calculation formula may be run automatically, upon entry of the results. Formula management works equally well in both the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app and AQ Manager Mobile LIMS app.

Les formules de calcul des résultats d’analyses