Interfacing with lab devices.

Les interfaces avec les appareils de laboratoire

Our AQ Manager LIMS apps allow you to easily interface with other software.

These interfaces can have several advantages, i.e. avoiding duplicate entries and automatically synchronising purchasing stock data or exporting invoice data, etc.

The AQ Manager LIMS app is an open application that allows easy exchange with other existing tools via interfaces.

The LIMS app dashboards can generate Excel tables from the summaries.

The dashboard is not limited to the LIMS app data, but can connect to any type of external data (including Excel), i.e.:

  • Interfaces with ERP systems, etc.
  • Test request import
  • Results validation export for test request items
  • Result data import from the production stations via an interface
  • Two-way synchronisation of item bases and their stocks
  • Accounting export of invoicing/supplier credit
  • Order export to a dedicated program with receipt import (and update of the order statuses) to increase the stock
  • Staff calendar import from a staff time-management program

It is possible to create custom interfaces with the AQ Manager LIMS app.

e.g. read results from a PC that is connected to a piece of lab equipment, via a RS232 or other connection, and integration of the results into the AQ Manager Full Web LIMS app.

You don’t have to manually export from Excel any more, everything can be done in the dashboard.

Les interfaces avec les appareils de laboratoire