Repeat Testing.

Les recontrôles

Stability Studies.

Labs carry out what we call stability studies, in order to know more about a product and how it changes over time (e.g. on D0, D+30, until the expiration date, etc.)

The AQ Manager LIMS app thus allows the samples to be returned to the analysis queue at the different intervals stipulated in the testing plan/range, the users to be notified, a results sheet to be constructed, the results to be entered and tracked, their compliance with the standard or specification to be checked and these results to be archived.

Repeat Test Monitoring.

They can also carry out repeat-test monitoring when a problem is encountered

In such a case, the aim is to do the same analysis several times in order to ensure that the measurements are correct, so as to avoid human errors related to input or confirm that an analysis is actually non-compliant.

For example: When a product with a bad result is noted, in order to find the cause of the non-compliance (human error or technical error, etc.),

it is possible to keep the records and corrective measures and trigger non-compliance documents in the event of that a test is non-compliant. These documents are part of a monitoring workflow that will be automatically sent to the managers who can then implement the appropriate measures regarding said non-compliance.

All corrective action is tracked using this method.

Les recontrôles