Test, staff and equipment scheduling.

Planning des essais, du personnel et des équipements

Test scheduling offers several options, i.e.:

  • First of all it gives you two views on one page. The top section allows you to see the layout of the lab devices and equipment.
  • The lower section shows the staff and subcontractors to whom the tests and analyses can be allocated.
  • Tests can be created automatically, or on demand, by importing data or interfacing with other applications (ERP systems, etc.).

Scheduling is carried out via a drag and drop system which allows the analyses and tests to be carried out to be selected from a table and dragged into a schedule for the devices and resources.

Each user with a login can view their schedule in a calendar and click on each test request to open it directly, along with the corresponding results sheet.

The AQ Manager LIMS app also offers automatic schedule sequencing for the different test steps, allowing them to be automatically entered into these two schedules.

  • Scheduling of Repeat Tests Over Time
  • Environment Test Schedule
  • Metrology Schedule – Metrology/ maintenance for measuring devices

All the schedules can be synchronised with the calendar in the mobile LIMS app.

Planning des essais, du personnel et des équipements