Workflows and emails.

Les workflows et les e-mails

The AQ Manager LIMs app comprises a multitude of customisable workflows allowing multiple processes associated with lab activity to be managed. It is able to manage the following:

  • The processing steps for test requests and samples
  • Non-compliance management
  • Supplier purchasing
  • The metrology management steps
  • Device maintenance
  • The sales management processes (quotes, invoicing, client orders)

The workflow steps can be customised for each project and each organisation. They also allow user rights to be set for the validation of each step and the sequences for the automatic emails to be sent either to ask a user to complete validation or to inform a user of the progression to be defined.

They also allow alarms to be generated for the validation processing deadlines that have not been respected. Each step can be associated with the automatic generation of a document (results sheets and sample labels, etc.). An email containing the test request in PDF format may be sent to the client during the final validation of a test request.

Les workflows et les e-mails